Heat and desert dust are coming from Africa


You can also expect heat in the coming days. In addition, desert dust rising high from the Sahara enters the country, which also settles on objects “in the form of a fine, veiled coating,” the National Meteorological Service said.

In the video of the meteorologist László Török, he said: in the next day or two, even warmer air will arrive in the country, with this the desert dust will also arrive. Thanks to a wavy front system, the weather for the weekend is then refreshed by several degrees.

There will be a lot of sunshine on Wednesdays as well, only occasionally will the air movement pick up. There may be no showers in the Northern Central Mountains at most. Daytime maxima range from 33 to 38 degrees.

The large lakes of the country will also have warm air on the shores, with water temperatures usually around 25 degrees.

No significant change is expected on Thursday, but it will be even warmer, it could be 39 degrees.

The first wave of cold air will arrive on Friday, and peak temperatures below 30 degrees are expected in the north-northwest of the country.

In the continuation, cooler air will arrive in the country, so on the weekends the air will be refreshed all over the country, the heat will disappear. Generally, maxima around 30 degrees are expected and the nights will be relatively cooler.

The heatwave will return next week, but it is not expected to be as hot as it is now, the meteorologist explained.



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