After they crashed their car, the two people kissed happily in the inner lane of the M1 motorway


Magyar Közút Zrt. has published a recording of what (among other things) not to do if we have an accident on the highway.

As it is written, last Saturday night, on the side of the M1 motorway in Komárom, on the side leading to Hegyeshalom, a passenger car with a Romanian license plate ran onto a van. After the stutter, the latter pulled down to the stop lane completely regularly. In turn, the car remained there in the inner lane, despite the fact that the vehicle remained fully functional.

Moreover, the passengers in the car smoked loosely, talked, the couple even kissed merrily, looked at the damaged vehicle, and crawled in the inner lane.

They did this despite the fact that the M1 motorway is one of the busiest expressways, where even at night there is significant transit traffic. Miraculously, there was no accident, even though they weren’t wearing a visibility vest and weren’t waiting beyond the ribbon barrier, they were just the warning triangle.




After they parked in the inner lane, several vehicles passed by them. At the end of the video, therefore, they also show what it would have been like to be standing next to the vehicle just when someone stays in the inner lane and pulls away from the car…

The shots speak for themselves, we ask motorists to try to get to the stop lane as soon as possible if they find themselves in a similar situation, especially if their car stays mobile mozg ️ Use a warning triangle in the stop lane, turn on the hazard warning lights and put on a visibility vest and wait beyond the ribbon limit. And if they need help, they call 112

The Magyar Közút Zrt. warns.

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