“We are in the wake of the fourth wave of the epidemic” in Hungary


Vaccination against the coronavirus has never been more necessary than it is now, as we race against time, the national chief medical officer said.

Foreigners can take the coronavirus vaccination without an appointment in Debrecen

Cecília Müller said we are in the wake of the fourth wave of the epidemic, the number of people infected is rising day by day and the number of people going to the hospital is also increasing. It is therefore important to take the vaccines, as it will take at least two weeks for the vaccine to work.

At the same time, she noted that the vaccine does not protect one hundred percent from the infection, but it also prevents the serious course of the disease and hospitalization.

She outlined the experience of the vaccination action week, which she rated as good, adding that

the option of vaccination without registration and appointment seems to be a “slightly more convenient form” for people.

On Monday, the first day of the action week, more than 14,000 people requested a first dose of vaccination, indicating a kind of intention to end the vaccination series, she said.

The expert emphasized that having the third vaccine is also very important, which can again increase the body’s ability to defend itself to a high of 80-90 percent.

Cecília Müller also talked about the fact that the chances of being hospitalized as a result of the infection are four times higher than those who are not vaccinated, and the chances of being admitted to the intensive care unit are ten times higher and up to seventeen times higher for certain chronic risks. She said that the values ​​of the virus’s hereditary material measured in wastewater are stagnant at a high level, but the stagnation shows that in a week or two the epidemic wave may peak in Hungary.



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