Lidl Recalls Rolls, Croissants and Bread


As a precaution, the products of the Water Bun, Milk Croissant and 1 kg Semi-Brown Bread (Friday) purchased on these Lidl stores on 15.12.2021 will be recalled.


The reason for the recall is that, according to the information provided by the manufacturer, the possibility of contamination of foreign matter cannot be ruled out in the case of the Water Buns, Milk Croissants and 1 kg Half Brown Bread (Friday) products sold on 15.12.2021.

List of affected stores: Agárd – Akácfa street 2. Ajka – Hársfa street 1 / A Bicske – Szent László street 55. Dorog – Miner’s Circle Hrsz.1732 / 98 Esztergom – Bánomi road 10. Esztergom – Dobogókői road 39. Győr – Szeszgyár street 6. Győr – Tihanyi Árpád road 9. Komárom – Mártírok road 80. Mór – Akai street 8. Mosonmagyaróvár – Királyhidai street 49. Oroszlány – Környei street 2. Pápa – Jókai Mór street 57. Sümeg – Fehérkő street 1/1. Székesfehérvár – Balatoni road 21. Székesfehérvár – Farkasvermi köz 1. Székesfehérvár – Mártírok road 11. Tapolca – Veszprém road 1. Tata – Market square 8. Tatabánya – Győri road 31. Tatabánya – Szent Borbála road 31. Várpalota – Hétvezér street 3. Veszprém – Cholnoky street 29/1. Veszprém – Észak-keleti útgyűrű 2.

Lidl urges its customers not to consume these products at the time and place indicated above, but to return them to stores. The purchase price will, of course, be refunded even without proof of purchase. The product recall only applies to Wet Buns, Milk Croissants and 1 kg Half Brown Bread (Friday) products purchased in the above stores on December 15th, 2021. Other products available in the store and products of other stores are not subject to the recall, Lidl announced.


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