MTVA Chief, Polish TV Official Discuss Public Media Cooperation


Dániel Papp, the chief executive of Hungary’s public media provider MTVA, has discussed the possibility of expanding programme exchanges, joint programme production and professional training, with Mateusz Matyszkowicz, board member of Polish public TV company TVP.


“We share common cultural roots here in central Europe and we share the same views about the role of public media; and it is clear that, from this point of view, it can benefit both of us if we speak a common language,” Papp said, according to a statement released by MTVA’s press and marketing department. Benefits may accrue from producing content “that can be used here in Hungary and in Poland as well,” he said. Matyszkowicz said he learnt of new technologies while visiting MTVA’s sports and news studios, as well as new ideas concerning the running of a current affairs channel. The two officials also discussed the possibility of speeding up the exchange of news and producing joint content.


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