Snowfall to Arrive in the Eastern Part of the Country


On Saturday, there will be clouds in the southern and northern counties with rain, showers in the south, and snow in the afternoon, the National Meteorological Service has indicated. In the counties between them, however, more or less sunshine and no rainfall are likely to occur.


By Saturday morning, only a little amount of sleet is possible in the northeastern part of the country. After that, snowfall begins in the cold air mass flowing in from the north-east in the North-Central Mountains, in the north-eastern part of the Great Plain, but in some places temporary sleet is not excluded. In the mentioned northern landscapes, in the afternoon and evening hours, a layer of snow around 3-8 cm may form in several places, and then the precipitation will weaken.

The Meteorological Service has issued a first-instance warning of snowfall to counties where more than 5 centimeters of snow may fall:

Late at night, snow is expected in the northern part of Transdanubia and around the capital (3 cm). In the evening, sleet may occur in some places in the Great Plain, and then on the night of Sunday, the rain may be replaced by sleet as the temperature drops below freezing. The lowest night temperatures are between -3 and +3 degrees, but in the slightly windier, higher southwestern places, the air cools down to only 5.8 degrees. The highest daytime temperatures are mostly expected on Saturdays between 3 and 8 degrees, but in the south, 10, 11 in the southwest and only 1.2 degrees in the northeast.


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