In 2020, nearly 10,000 people got infected with coronavirus in Hungarian hospitals


Almost ten thousand people got infected with coronavirus in hospitals in Hungary in 2020, writes, according to a statement issued by the Society for Freedoms.

As early as the autumn of 2021, the HCLU asked the NNK to publish its reports on hospital infections for previous years, but as they did not receive a substantive response, a lawsuit was filed for the data.

“The 2019 hospital infection report, which was kept secret a year and a half ago, was released, as well as the 2020 data with which the NNK was on a half-year lag. This report is particularly important because it already shows how many people were hospitalized with the coronavirus. ”

– they wrote.

The report obtained by the catacultan shows that

429 coronavirus outbreaks occurred at each supply site, infecting 9,847 people. Of these, 1,752 died, meaning that one in six people died from an infection in the hospital.

The number of non-coronavirus-related hospital-acquired epidemics is about the same as in 2019 (137 in 2019 and 112 in 2020), ie 79% of all hospital-related epidemics were caused by coronavirus (there are already two related cases of infection in the hospital).

So much is already clear from the data that the appearance of the coronavirus has significantly increased the number of nosocomial infections, but the report is difficult for laymen to interpret, so the detailed analysis will be the task of experts. The data also show that Hungarian healthcare is not able to effectively protect people treated in hospitals from infections.

– states the organization’s communication.

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