30-32 Celsius Expected Next Week


However, changeable weather will remain until the beginning of next week.


Showers and thunderstorms can occur in many parts of the country every day, accompanied by rain and hail. It will not be cold, typically 22 to 27 degrees is likely throughout the country. Temporary cooling may be in the first days of the week, but it will not be significant either, the maxima will be around 20-22 degrees.

After that, a strong warming is expected by the middle of the week, with the first stronger summer heat wave of the year. Dry, warm air masses of high African descent are drifting over us, so substantial rainfall is unlikely by the weekend, but it will be extremely warm. The maxima can reach 30 degrees from Wednesday to Friday and even exceed 30 degrees in the south. During the hottest hours on Thursday, the heatwave can peak around 32 degrees.


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