Cold Front to Arrive on Tuesday


The daytime warming will intensify again in the following days. The cold front arriving on Tuesday can moderate the heatwave – the National Meteorological Service reported on Saturday afternoon.


Meteorologist Tamás Csonka said: the cold front that arrived on Friday night is gradually dissipating and drier air waves of African origin will reach the region again.

On Sunday night, the temperature will be between 12 and 22 Celsius, lower values ​​can be measured in Transdanubia. A lot of sunshine is expected during the day, maximums between 30 and 36 degrees are likely. Showers and thunderstorms may occur in the east – with a low probability.

Tamás Csonka drew attention to the fact that UV radiation can reach very strong, even extreme levels.

According to the current forecast, maximum temperatures of 38-39 degrees are expected on Monday. Then on Tuesday, a cold front will arrive with showers and thunderstorms, which may also reach the Great Plain region on Wednesday.

The national chief medical officer has extended the third-degree heat alert, which has been in place since Monday and was originally ordered until midnight on Thursday, until midnight next Monday.



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