The LMP initiated a national referendum on the establishment of battery factories


The LMP initiated a national referendum in order to ensure that a battery factory can only be built in Hungary where the local population agrees to it.

After handing over the document containing the initiative, László Lóránt Keresztes, LMP chairman of the Parliament’s sustainable development committee, said at a press conference held in front of the National Electoral Office on Monday: “we are going through serious crises, and in such times it is an extremely important task to protect our natural values and an economic policy that strengthens independence validation.”

It is contrary to all these aspects and goals that the government wants to turn Hungary into a battery-producing superpower with a political decision – said the politician, adding that this industrial activity is extremely water and energy-intensive, while it is challenging to supply the country with these resources.

According to László Lóránt Keresztes, the government did not and does not manage the environmental risks posed by the establishment and operation of these plants, moreover, it made decisions on these matters without consulting the locals, and if the people dispute these decisions, the government sides with the foreign investor.

A walk and demonstration against the battery factory are organized in Debrecen



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