Hungarians in the World’s Vehicle Manufacturing – on land, water, and air


With experts and young people for conscious mobility, traffic safety, environmental protection, and the future! This is the motto of this year’s exhibition Hungarians in the World’s Automotive Industry, which opens today in Budapest, within the framework of the AMTS Automobil and Tuning Show in Hungexpo’s G-pavilion.

A fleet of thousands of horsepower, novelties and historical pieces demonstrate the work of Hungarian masters and engineers in the framework of a spectacular expo. The exhibition “Magyars a Világ Járművároszáva” of the Automobile Coalition’s Hungarians in the World’s Vehicle Manufacturing has a decades-old tradition, and this year it will be a living history book and an exciting journey through time on March 17-19 in the G-pavilion of Hungexpo. In addition to cars, motorcycles, vehicle industry novelties and rarities, the mastermind István Knezsik promises an event rich in events. The president of the Great Coalition of Cars will be the awardee of the Hungarian Car of the Year and the professional competition for young people.

In addition to the rich collection of SUVs, crossovers, pickups and electric cars, several brands of Porsche Hungária, Audi, Cupra, Škoda and Volkswagen, as well as the youngest of Duna Autó, MG, are parked.

Children can try out safe driving with electric vehicles on an exciting track, in an interactive mini-city, and with their parents, they can admire the latest models on the market, and at the Generali stand they can meet their favorite driving buddies, Tóbiás and Balambér.

All this in the vicinity of the latest and museum-grade ambulances and police cars, including the Hungarian-developed and manufactured Komondor fire truck serving in the BM OKF staff, as well as the veteran Golf of the Tatabánya captaincy.

In the framework of the AMTS Automobil és Tuning Show, more than fifty vehicles and components in the G-pavilon’s 1,700 square meters evoke the past, present, future, and world-important role of domestic vehicle production. The ancestor of the horse-drawn carriage, which was born in the cradle of Hungarian vehicle production, in the village of Kocs, is parked together with the new products of Audi, Mercedes, Opel and Suzuki. The XV. The replica of the Keszthely museum is a worthy successor to the 19th-century car, as well as several car models from Győr, Kecskemét and Esztergom, marked Made in Hungary.

With experts and young people for conscious mobility, traffic safety, environmental protection, and the future!

This is the motto of the exhibition Hungarians in the World’s Vehicle Manufacturing. There were only a few hundred car manufacturing masters, the number of specialists employed in the Hungarian supply industry today reaches 170,000. Ensuring supply and popularizing the profession play an important role at the thematic exhibition.

Thanks to the Great Coalition of Cars (ANK), thousands of high school students interested in vehicle manufacturing can take part in the exhibition “Hungarians in the World’s Vehicle Manufacturing” with free admission. Part of the program is the finals and announcement of the results of the Study Competition for Automotive Professions.

István Knezsik, the president of the ANK, the creator of the exhibition, will personally guide the young people between the classics and the most modern, in style with the racing trucks and racing machines of the most successful domestic team in the world. The BME Formula Racing Team’s world-class and only Hungarian 4WD-electric self-driving Formula racing car is parked next to the M1RA, which is capable of hitting the Formula 1 field in terms of acceleration. The cars of Kecskemét KEFO and the motorbikes of Kenji Racing will be here.

Among the former members of the university racing teams, several engineers are currently working on the development of Continental’s autonomous vehicles, and these cars can also be seen up close.

The Rotors&Cams air fleet of drones, Duna team’s exciting watercraft, museum and new ambulance, fire engine, and police car, as well as several key players of domestic transport, will land in the G-pavilion: the special Unimog of the Magyar Közút and the Volánbusz, a new vehicle matching its name and profile, and a classic Icarus.

For the first time, the only remaining part of the long-standing domestic car production and now a museum, the Ikarus off-road vehicle, as well as the Csepel brand, but manufactured in Szigetszentmiklós, Laplander, can be seen publicly for the first time. This year too, you cannot miss a valuable piece of the Maros Parti Vintage Vehicles collection, the Ford T model designed by József Galamb, born in Makó.

In addition to Harley-Davidson, the Berva collection in Eger is no less exciting, the two brands will illustrate the history of two-wheelers and their extreme range.

The creator of the exhibition, István Knezsik, the president of the ANK, will present the awards for this year’s Hungarian Car of the Year next to the final field.

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