Viktor Orbán: we may face a third world war if this situation continues


For the Hungarian people, the war is worrying and dangerous, the danger of the world war is “not a literary exaggeration”, the Prime Minister declared on Friday on Kossuth Rádió Good morning, Hungary! in his show.

Viktor Orbán said that after decisions are made about deploying more and more powerful destructive devices and the West provides more and more modern devices to the Ukrainians, he is convinced that the threat of a world war is “not a literary exaggeration”. He added that when European and American leaders say that if this continues, we could end up in World War III, it seems incredibly exaggerated at first, but it is a “real danger at this moment.”

The Prime Minister emphasized that the war is getting bloodier and more brutal, but at the same time, the number of European countries and leaders who support peace is not increasing at all. On the other hand, the people of Europe have moved in the direction of peace, as the number of victims increases, people turn more and more in the direction of a ceasefire and peace negotiations.

The Hungarian peace proposal is about a ceasefire, the prime minister said.

Viktor Orbán said that the Hungarian parliament will adopt a resolution in which it stands by the position of peace and demands a ceasefire.

“The Hungarian position is not about what kind of peace treaty there should be, but about whether there should be a ceasefire,” he said.

We should get there so that there is a ceasefire, no more people die, and if there is a ceasefire, then there is a chance that the framework of the peace negotiations will be thought out – the Prime Minister declared.

In the case of foodstuffs, as inflation comes down, the price caps that still exist now will be removed – the Prime Minister declared.

Viktor Orbán explained: price caps are useful, they help to reduce inflation, but at the same time – since it is an artificial intervention in the normal processes of trade – it also has side effects. That is why it is good if these obstacles disappear from the system and we return to the normal economic situation – he said, adding: however, as long as inflation is very high, this cannot be done.

The Prime Minister said: they were able to protect the overhead protection system, and people can still get energy at a protected price until the average consumption. At the same time, with regard to food, as inflation comes down, the price caps will be introduced, similar to bank loans, “where we also operate all kinds of protection mechanisms, which normally only cause disturbances,” he said.

Viktor Orbán emphasized that if inflation drops below a certain level, decisions on abandoning the measures that were introduced due to high inflation must be made at the appropriate pace.

The left is still pro-war – the Prime Minister declared on Kossuth radio’s Good morning, Hungary program on Friday morning.

Viktor Orbán said that the discussion of the pro-peace proposal of the Hungarian parliament could have been a good opportunity for the left, that after a meaningful debate, for the sake of national unity, the left would give up its pro-war stance and join the peace camp represented by the governing parties.

“They could have done that without losing face,” he said.

“We offered the left the opportunity to change from a pro-war position to a pro-peace position, to move to the side of the national interest,” said the Prime Minister, adding that he saw no signs of this.

“We’ll see how they vote on Friday,” Viktor Orbán added.



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