Spring weather returns this week


The mild spring weather returns this week. The temperature will rise slowly, the night frosts will disappear, and on Thursday, in the southern and southeastern parts of the country, the temperature will be up to 21 degrees Celsius, and then it will start to cool down again, according to the forecast of the National Meteorological Service.

On Monday, several hours of sunshine with cumulus clouds are expected in most places, but thicker clouds will arrive over the eastern and northeastern counties, so there will be little sunshine, rain, showers, and even thunderstorms in some places. The north, north-easterly wind will pick up in several directions. The maximum temperature will be between 12 and 17 degrees, it will be cooler in the northeast.

On Tuesday, in addition to cumulus and veil clouds, more or less sunshine should be expected, but from the morning the clouds will thicken from the west and northwest, and scattered rain and showers are likely, especially in the second half of the day. The northerly and then typically the westerly wind will pick up in many places, and in some places, it may become stronger at times. The minimum temperature is between 0 and plus 5, and the peak value is between 14 and 19 degrees.

Cloudy and sunny weather is likely on Wednesday, but during the day, especially in Transdanubia and the northeast, the clouds may thicken. Light rain may occasionally occur. The northwest, then southwest and south winds may be accompanied by brisk, sometimes strong gusts. The temperature is between 0 and plus 6 in the morning, and between 14 and 19 degrees in the afternoon.

On Thursday, closed, thick clouds will spread eastward from the west, so there may be even longer sunny periods in the eastern and southeastern parts of the country. Rain and showers are expected in several places, and thunderstorms may occur in some places. In the south, then in Transdanubia, the northwest and north winds are lively in many places, accompanied by strong gusts in some places. The temperature varies between 2 and 9 degrees in the morning and 9 and 21 degrees in the afternoon, lower values can be measured in the west and higher values in the south and southeast.

On Friday, the sky will be mostly cloudy or overcast, rain, showers and even thunderstorms are possible in many places. The southwest and then northwest winds will strengthen at times. The temperature rises from 2.9 degrees in the morning to 10.16 degrees in the afternoon.

On Saturday, the sky will be mostly moderately or heavily cloudy, and precipitation may occur in several places. In many places, the southerly wind may become stronger, and in Transdanubia, the northwesterly wind may become stronger. The minimum temperature is usually between 0 and plus 6, and the maximum is likely between 10 and 18 degrees.

On Sunday, the sky may be mostly moderately or heavily cloudy, with sporadic precipitation likely. In many places, the north and north-easterly winds are getting stronger. The minimum is expected between 1 and 8, the peak between 11 and 19 degrees.



Main picture: Blooming annual plants in springtime in Debrecen, on Petőfi Square on March 23, 2023. MTI/Zsolt Czeglédi

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