Sunny Saturday, Rainy Sunday Expected


At the beginning of next week, rainy weather will return again, but a weather alert has been issued for three counties as early as Sunday.

On Saturday, we can expect cumulus clouds with lots of sunshine, but there will also be veil clouds drifting over the eastern parts of the country. There will be no precipitation. Strong gusts may accompany the southerly wind in Alpokalja, and the northeasterly wind in Tiszántúl, elsewhere the air movement will remain moderate. The highest daytime temperature is likely to be between 18 and 22 degrees. By late evening, the air cools down between 7 and 12 degrees.

On Sunday, in addition to cumulus and veil clouds, several hours of sunshine can be expected, but during the day a thicker band of clouds may arrive over Transdanubia from the west, a shower or thunderstorm may form along the eastern border, scattered rain and showers may occur in Transdanubia from the late afternoon and evening hours. The wind picks up from time to time, especially in North Transdanubia. In the afternoon, the air warms up between 18 and 23 degrees. The National Meteorological Service issued a first-degree, lemon-yellow warning for three counties due to the risk of thunderstorms as early as Sunday.

On Monday, it will be very cloudy, the sky will be overcast. Rain, showers and thunderstorms are expected in several places and in several waves from west to east. Winds from the south, south-east, and in Transdanubia turning to the north-west can be accompanied by brisk, sometimes strong gusts. The temperature is between 3 and 10 degrees in the morning and between 14 and 22 degrees in the afternoon.

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