The early summer weather continues this week


The early summer weather will continue during the week, with maximums of 24-29 degrees Celsius, and then from Wednesday the weather will become more changeable, there may be dust and thunderstorms in several places, but by the end of the week the sunshine will return again, writes MTI. 

On Monday, a lot of sunshine is expected with few veils and cumulus clouds, showers and thunderstorms may develop in some places – more likely in the south and west. The east and northeast wind can occasionally pick up and become stronger during thunderstorms. The highest daytime temperature is likely to be around 24-28 degrees.

On Tuesday, you can also expect a lot of sunshine with cumulus and veil clouds, but thicker clouds may arrive from the northwest in the second half of the day. Sporadic showers and thunderstorms may occur, especially in the western and northwestern parts of the country. Air movement will be mostly moderate. The minimum temperature will be between 8 and 16 degrees, and the maximum between 24 and 29 degrees.

On Wednesday, variable cloudy weather is likely with more or less sunshine. In several places, you can expect rain, torrential rain, and thunderstorms. The north, north-west wind will pick up in many areas. From 9-16 degrees in the morning, the air warms up to between 22 and 28 degrees in the afternoon.

On Thursday, there is a prospect of variable cloudy weather, with more or less sunshine and occasional showers and thunderstorms. The north wind picks up in many places. 8-15 degrees in the morning and 23-29 degrees in the afternoon.

On Friday, variable cloudy weather can be expected, with more or less sunshine, scattered showers and thunderstorms. In many places, the northerly wind becomes stronger. The minimum temperature is likely between 8 and 16, and the maximum is between 22 and 28 degrees.

On Saturday, in addition to cumulus and veil clouds, a lot of sunshine is expected, only a few showers may occur. In many places, the north and north-easterly winds are getting stronger. They can measure 7-15 degrees in the morning and 20-26 degrees in the afternoon.

On Sunday, sunny weather is expected with cumulus and veil clouds, with occasional showers. In many places, the northeast wind is getting stronger. The temperature rises from 5-13 degrees in the morning to between 21 and 26 degrees.


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