Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga to Resign


The Minister of Justice Judit Varga resigns, Magyar Nemzet has reported. On Tuesday, the governing party newspaper reported that the Justice Minister would lead the Fidesz-KDNP European Parliament list in 2024.


Judit Varga has now told Magyar Nemzet:

“However, this task, like my ministerial duties, requires a whole person, so I have already informed the prime minister of my intention to resign as of July 31st. I think the right thing to do is to hand over the leadership of the Justice Ministry to someone who can concentrate one hundred per cent on it.”

Judit Varga has already informed Viktor Orbán of her decision. She called the past four years a great honour, and said it was an uplifting feeling to represent Hungarian interests.

However, she did not confirm to Magyar Nemzet that she will be the leader of the Fidesz-KDNP list in the EP elections. She only said that she really envisages her future in the European Parliament. According to Judit Varga, the stakes of next year’s EP elections are high, a conservative turn must be achieved in the European institutions, and she wants to play an active role in this.

Judit Varga was appointed Minister of Justice in 2019, replacing László Trócsányi, who also became an MEP.

Judit Varga’s private life has been a topic of the press for a long time: in March it was revealed that she was divorcing her husband, Péter Magyar, who was previously the CEO of the Student Loan Centre. The couple had previously been in the spotlight because of a 10 million euro loan for their house near Lake Balaton. In May this year, it emerged that Judit Varga had repaid the grant.

Varga’s name has also come up in the Schadl-Völner case, with the former state secretary accused of corruption saying in court that the justice minister kept a close eye on the bailiffs’ cases. It also emerged that Varga had met with György Schadl, the head of the bailiffs’ service.

Photo: MTI – Tamás Kovács

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