Several Wagons of a Freight Train Carrying Highly Flammable Material Derailed Between Tiszatenyő and Mezőtúr


Several wagons of a freight train derailed between Tiszatenyő and Mezőtúr on Sunday, significantly increasing the journey time on the Budapest-Újszász-Szolnok-Békéscsaba-Lőkösháza line, Mávinform reported.


The cars derailed at Kétpó, trains are not allowed to run on the affected section. Passengers are expected to be transported by replacement buses between Mezőtúr and Törökszentmiklós.

According to police information, five of the six wagons that derailed were carrying highly flammable materials. There were no personal injuries. The emergency services told MTI that the accident occurred at a level crossing. Two of the wagons that overturned were carrying liquid insecticide, a substance classified as hazardous to the environment.

The fire brigades of Szolnok, Karcag, Mezőtúr and Mezőberény were called to the accident. Technical rescue is being led by the disaster management operational service and the disaster management mobile laboratory is also on the scene.

As a precautionary measure, the residents of the surrounding houses should stay outside the protective distance – the statement says.

Expect the following changes:

Trains from Budapest will run to Szolnok, passengers can travel from Szolnok towards Debrecen with InterRégio trains to Törökszentmiklós station. There is a replacement bus service between Törökszentmiklós and Mezőtúr stations.

Trains from Békéscsaba to the capital will run to Mezőtúr station, passengers can take a replacement bus between Mezőtúr and Törökszentmiklós, and a suitable train from Törökszentmiklós station.

Travellers to Tiszatenyő station can travel with trains from Szentes – Mávinform announced.

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