Will there be no one driving trains? This is how the Hungarian State Railways sees the issue


On Monday, Népszava came up with terrifying data: the newspaper wrote that there are 4,500 vacant positions at Hungarian State Railways (MÁV) and Volán, which together employ 57,000 workers.

The biggest shortage is of locomotive drivers, ticket operators and car inspectors. According to the newspaper, there are so few people in these positions that the company can only maintain the current schedule with continuous overtime.

According to the newspaper, all of this could lead to the fact that by the end of September, the majority of train drivers, switch operators and ticket inspectors will exhaust not only their annual working time frame but also the maximum three hundred hours of overtime limit specified in the new Labor Code and the effective collective agreement of MÁV. After that, the employer will have no legal option to order additional extraordinary work.

According to MÁV, it will be resolved

In response to Telex’s question, the state-owned company stated that the basic number of train drivers needed for the autumn schedule was secured, but they admitted that there were few reserves in the system.

As detailed, the number of vacant positions at MÁV and MÁV-START is only 3 percent compared to the number of employees. Népszava wrote about 4,500 vacant positions, but Volán is also included in their total.

As for overtime:

“by the way, only 5.8 percent of the number of our colleagues concerned have achieved more than two hundred hours of overtime, so it is far from possible to talk about the exhaustion of the framework”

they wrote.

We would like to provide the services not by overtime for train drivers, but by expanding the number of employees.

(Debreceni Nap)

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