The 2023/2024 timetable of the MÁV-VOLÁN group is valid from Sunday


The new 2023/2024 timetable of the MÁV-VOLÁN group, which affects rail and intercity bus transport on many lines, as well as HÉVs, is valid from Sunday, the transport company told MTI.

The new railway schedule also took into account the public opinions and suggestions of the July online social consultation held in addition to the district consultations. Volánbusz has also introduced numerous timetable corrections throughout the country, primarily in order to improve the possibilities of going to work and school, and to coordinate rail and bus services, they wrote in the announcement.

The group of companies says that since the schedule change, the railway connection between Budapest and Dunaújváros has improved and become faster with the expansion of the number of Z42 zoning trains. On the Püspökladány-Biharkeresztes railway line, thanks to the renovation and electrification, a more predictable and regular schedule for passengers has come into effect, the travel time has decreased, and the connections have improved due to the schedule change.

In terms of international transport, it was highlighted that the Metropol Euronight night train with sleeper and sleeper cars will once again connect with Prague and Dresden, making the journey between Budapest and Berlin more favorable.

MÁV-HÉV has slightly modified the timetable on the Czömör (H9) and Gödöllő (H8) HÉV lines in order to ensure the possibility of changing trains connected to the Hatvan line. At the request of passengers, all trains on the HÉV line H7 in Csepel will stop at Szabadkítő from December 10. During school periods, flights on HÉV line H7 depart at the same times on all working days. The timetable has also become uniform on the working days of school breaks, however – in line with passenger traffic needs – the timetables of these two periods still differ.

The coordinated railway, bus and HÉV timetables valid until December 14, 2024, better adapted to travel habits, will make public transport more attractive and increase its competitiveness against private transport – it was emphasized in the announcement.

At the same time as the schedule change, the supplementary pricing of MÁV-START and Volánbusz will be standardized – they indicated.

The detailed timetables can be found on the website of the MÁV-Volán group, Elvirá, and the HÉV timetable at

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