Snow and Winter Frost Return From Sunday


The mild, spring-like weather has lasted for quite a few days, but it seems that a big change is coming on Sunday, and cold, arctic-origin air will begin to flow in from the north-northeast on the back of the Mediterranean cyclone that determined the weekend’s weather, reports Időkép.

As a result, in most of the country it will be freezing all day on Monday. The arrival of the frozen air mass can lead to several dangerous weather phenomena. In the west and northeast, the north-northeast wind will become stormy, the speed of the strongest gusts can reach 70-80 km/h. In the west, sleet and snow will replace the rain from Sunday morning, during the day in Transdanubia, with the exception of Alpokalja, sleet may fall temporarily in several places. The temperature can drop by up to 8-10 degrees within a few hours.


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