33-Year-Old Man From Ózd, Whose Body Was Attacked By Flesh-Eating Bacteria, Has Died


Flesh-eating bacteria attacked the body of a 33-year-old man from Ózd, and some of his organs stopped working as a result, so he was placed in an artificial coma. According to Monday’s report from RTL Híradó, although the doctors did everything in vain to save the man, they were unsuccessful.

According to the channel’s information, Roland Molnár died on Sunday afternoon. According to the specialist interviewed by RTL, the flesh-eating bacteria that attacked the man’s body is not a special formation at all, it can be found on anyone’s skin, it is a problem if it enters the body. According to the infectologist, this can occur in the case of surgery, possibly in the case of injuries, especially war gunshot wounds. Th infection cannot be prevented, it is important to start antibiotic treatment as soon as possible, because 30-50 percent of patients die from the disease caused by these bacteria.




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