Parties for Thursday, 14 November

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Rouge: Before Weekend with Odom’s Tech House Set and Shava’s Progressive House Set

Tequila Bar: Karaoke Night with Sunny

Klinika University Club: Third Year Students’ Party

In classy environment, among friendly faces, take part in a five-wine wine tasting, provided by Rozgony Vineries from the legendary Tokaj region. There will be everything that’s delicious: fabulous wine, zsíros kenyér (traditional Hungarian bread with lard), good company, beautiful ladies, and handsome gentlemen.

Entry only with student’s card for students of the University of Debrecen. Also, all UD students can bring ONE person not from UD, but only if they are registered beforehand. There are four options:

  • via email to the
  • by sending a message to the Klinika Egyetemi Klub (official) fb site (both ways, the message will have to contain the name of the OEC student who registers and the name of the registered one, and you’ll have to send it by 16.00)
  • personally in the Markusovszky Lajos III. Hostel’s reception desk between 8 to 16 o’clock, and on Thursday until 16 o’clock
  • by phone (No.: 411-717/55611)

The number of people allowed in will be limited!

Entry fee:
OEC Student: 500 HUF
UD Student: 700 HUF
Registered guests: 700 HUF

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