Police arrested a Sudanese woman living in Budapest for child pornography and drug possession


Child pornography footage was found on a Sudanese woman’s mobile phone and millions of forints worth of drugs were found in her Budapest apartment, the National Investigation Bureau of the Emergency Police (NNI) published on police.hu on Tuesday morning.

The National Immigration Directorate-General filed a complaint with the NYI’s Cybercrime Division on January 11 because a 45-year-old Sudanese woman under immigration law had been found to have child pornography on her cell phone. As a result of the analysis of the data stored on the telephone, on January 22, the woman was interrogated as a suspect in the crime of child pornography.

Cyber investigators found 34 so-called swallowing capsules of cocaine at the foreign citizen’s residence in Budapest, based on an on-site rapid test. The chemical expert made it probable that the active ingredient content of the capsules was significant. The estimated black market value of the seized drug is more than HUF 30 million, the announcement states.

The NYI detained the woman, prosecuted her on suspicion of child pornography and possession of significant amounts of drugs, and initiated her arrest.

(MTI / police.hu)

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