Yesterday’s reports in Hajdú-Bihar county


In the early afternoon in Hajdúhadház, at the end of Nyárfa Street, the Avar burned for thirty meters. The professional firefighters of Hajdúböszörmény intervened with a jet of water and hand tools.

The fire burned on two thousand square meters in the garden of a family house in Avar Hajdúböszörmény-Bodaszőlő, Zelemér street. The flames of the Hajdúböszörmény road were extinguished with hand tools.

An eight-meter tree fell on a telephone line between Debrecen and Bánk. The professional firefighters in Debrecen cut the wood with a chainsaw through a plug ladder.

Late in the afternoon in Hosszúpályi, in the Sand Farm, the Avar burned next to a railway embankment. The professional firefighters from Debrecen, the municipal firefighters from Évérértes and the volunteer firefighters from Konya extinguished the two-hectare area with hand tools.

Hay and alfalfa bales burned in the storage part of a nearly one hundred square meter outbuilding, last night in Földes, József Attila Street. In addition to the volunteer firefighters, the professional firefighters in Püspökladány extinguished the flames with four jets of water. Fifteen pigs were housed in one part of the building, but were not injured in the fire.

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