Man Dies in a House Fire in Vác


One of the flats of a four-storey building caught fire in Vác on Saturday, and a person died in the accident, a spokesman for the National Directorate General for Disaster Management told MTI.


According to Sunday’s announcement by Dániel Mukics, when the firefighters arrived, one of the rooms in the two-room apartment was on fire, and the rest of the apartment was filled with smoke. Firefighters extinguished the flames, finding a corpse while extinguishing.

He added that during the extinguishing work, eighteen people had to leave the building, they could return to their homes after the fire was extinguished.

Disaster management investigates the cause and circumstances of a fire. Dániel Mukics also mentioned that an average of twenty flats are set on fire every day, all of which could be prevented by paying attention and maintaining the electrical network and heating equipment.


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