A video of an accident has been published by the Debrecen police – They are looking for witnesses


The Debrecen Police Headquarters is conducting proceedings for suspected misconduct caused by a careless road accident.

According to the available data, a man was driving his motorbike in Nyiracsád, Petőfi Square, on June 20, 2021, around 4:15 p.m. The biker was heading in the direction of Kossuth Street when he slipped and fell. The man traveling on a motorcycle was seriously injured in the accident.

In order to clarify the circumstances of the accident, the police ask those who saw the accident to report in person at the Traffic Police Department of the Debrecen Police Headquarters (Debrecen, Sámsoni út 149) or by phone at 06-52 / 457-040, available 24 hours a day. telephone number, 06-80 / 555-111 Telephone Key number, or 112, toll-free emergency number. Reports are treated confidentially by the police.



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