10-Year-Old Girl Dies in Traffic Accident


A car crashed into the railing on M7 motorway towards Budapest on Saturday afternoon. A 10-year-old girl died in the accident.


The family was heading for Budapest on the M7 motorway, when near Tárnok, under hitherto unclear conditions, their car crashed first to the left and then to the right lane barrier.

The little girl was traveling in the back, but was not tied up, so she flew out of the car from the brutal collision. An ambulance helicopter and several ambulance cars arrived at the scene, but the little girl’s life could not be saved. According to Bors magazine, ambulances have been fighting for her life for a very long time.

Soma Csécsi, the press officer of the Budapest Police Headquarters, said that BRFK is investigating the tragic accident in the framework of criminal proceedings.

It will be the subject of a long investigation to find out what exactly happened, so far it is only certain that the car collided with the lane barrier around 5 p.m. A total of four people traveled in the car. The little girl’s life could not be saved, she lost her life on the spot. One person was taken to hospital by ambulances.



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