Car Collides With Train in Békés


Driver of the car has seriously injured.


A train and a car collided in a railway crossing on the outskirts of Lőkösháza on Sunday morning (2nd January), the driver of the car was seriously injured – the Békés County Police Headquarters informed MTI.

According to the announcement, the accident took place on the railway track between Kétegyháza and Lőkösháza, at the railway crossing on Eleki út, a few minutes after 10 o’clock. At the start of the technical rescue and on-site inspection, the police closed the railway crossing, and shortly after 11 a.m., road traffic could begin halfway. The injured person was taken to the hospital by ambulances. Béla Feuerwerker, the press officer of the Békés County Police Headquarters, said that none of the passengers on the train were injured.

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