Fifth Victim of Yesterday’s Train Did Not Die – Previous Media Reports Withdrawn


As we have reported, there was a huge traffic accident yesterday at the city of Tapolca in which four people lost their lives on the site, while the fifth passenger of the car was taken to hospital in life-threatening conditions.



Although, according to previous media reports, the fifth passenger – a young woman – died after being transported to the hospital, Lajos Nagy, director general of Markusovszky University Hospital in Szombathely, told MTI on Sunday morning that the woman was alive and being treated at the institution.


A 19-year-old volleyball player from Kaposvár was one of the victims of the Tapolca accident.


Gergő Iván, one of the young players in the men’s volleyball team of Fino Kaposvár, is one of the victims of the serious road accident which happened in Tapolca on Saturday. The player was certified in Kaposvár in the summer of 2020 together with his brother Iván Bence, and this season he has been given more and more opportunities in the starting team, wrote. The 19-year-old volleyball player was killed in an accident in which a train and a car collided at a crossing on the Tapolca-Badacsonytördemic-Szigliget railway line. Four young people died on the site. The Kaposvár club will commemorate Iván Gergő at the Arena with a candle lighting from 6 pm on Sunday.

Zoltán Dobó, the mayor of Tapolca, wrote on the official community page of the city on Saturday: the victims were young people from Sümeg and Csabrendek. He offered the help of the municipality of Tapolca to their families and informed the mayors of the two settlements. Due to the tragedy, Zoltán Dobó declared January 2nd a day of mourning and initiated the installation of a barrier at the railway crossing at MÁV, because several accidents have already taken place there.


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