Ambulance Car and a BMW Collided on Böszörményi Road


The collision was so severe that both vehicles were totally damaged, and the driver of the car carrying the blood samples had to be taken to hospital.


Two cars collided on Thursday night in Debrecen, at the intersection of Böszörményi road and Akadémia street.

According to the available information, an ambulance car collided with a BMW X6. Both vehicles were totally damaged. Five police cars investigated the circumstances of the accident at the scene.

According to the information of the Hajdú-Bihar County Disaster Management Directorate, two people traveled in the car, they were not injured. There was only a driver in the ambulance car, transporting blood samples. He was taken to hospital by the ambulance service and the blood samples were transferred to another vehicle. Professional firefighters from the city marched to the incident, who unplugged the vehicles.


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