Young Man Got Beaten on a Train From Debrecen to Mátészalka


On 19th January 2022, the police received a report that one of the passengers on a passenger train from Debrecen to Mátészalka had been abused by two unknown perpetrators. The suspects got off the train at the Nyírmihálydi stop after robbing their victim.


The police immediately hurried to the train station in Nyírbátor to the arriving train. Police said the teenage boy said he was traveling alone on the train, when two boys unknown to him began to abuse him. He tried peacefully to avoid further atrocity, so he left his place and headed to the other wagon.

However, the two strangers followed him, and between the two wagons they both attacked him and punched and kicked him all over his body. To avoid further abuse, the boy left his suitcase, backpack and coat behind and went back to his previous seat. He later tried to go back between the two wagons for his belongings, but his attackers prevented him from accessing his valuables. They closed the door and pushed it until the train stopped at the Nyírmihálydi stop and got off with the stolen objects. The boy’s coat, suitcase and backpack, which contained his laptop, cell phone, school and personal records, items and clothing, were stolen. Police immediately began an investigation to identify and apprehend the two unknown perpetrators as soon as possible. Within one day, on January 20th, 2022, police arrested two suspected perpetrators of the crime. G. A. (21-year-old) and L. Sz. (21.year-old) are from Nyírmihálydi.

Police, with a well-founded suspicion of committing a felony offense, interrogated the parents of G. A. The boy’s parents, according to the investigation, were involved in the sale and destruction of the stolen objects. The suitcase was burned, the phone shattered, and the backpack sold to one of their neighbors. Police seized the stolen laptop and clothes in their home intact.


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