Bomb Alert in Several Malls and Other Institutions in Hungary


Yesterday evening, there was a bomb alert in several malls in Budapest, the Arena, MOM Park and Mammut. Police and disaster protection also marched to the mall area in Kaposvár, to the Győr Plaza, and in several locations in Debrecen due to a bomb threat.


The Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Central Hospital, the MÁV Ticket Office, the Miskolc Plaza and the Szinvapark also received bomb threats on Tuesday, learned from a spokesman for the county police headquarters.

Several shopping malls and institutions in Budapest had also received threats via email. The authority then took the necessary measures (such as evacuating the buildings) and began to trace the perpetrator. The case was also investigated on suspicion of a threat to the public.

Police were alerted to several locations in Debrecen because of bomb alerts. Police
have been alerted to MÁV’s Rózsa Street office, Interspar and Debrecen Plaza. At the same time, policemen arrived at the Malompark, and the scene was evacuated.

This is not the first chain bomb alert this year: three weeks ago the police marched to the Arcade in Budapest and Szeged, the Debrecen Forum, and the police in Pécs and Győr.


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