This is how the knife robber from Hajdúszoboszló explained his action


The persistent and coordinated work of the investigators yielded results in April this year. A suspect in the robbery of a tobacco shop in Hajdúszoboszló at the end of last year was arrested, police said.

The then-unknown man entered the store on December 16th. He pulled a hood over his head, covered his face with a black mask, and demanded the proceeds from the salesman with a sizeable kitchen knife in his hand. The employee handed him the money, which he hid in the bag he had, and hurried out of the scene.

An investigation into all the details arrived at the turning point in early April 2022. Investigators identified a man who could be linked to the crime.

At the interrogation of the suspect, the 36-year-old resident of Hajdúszovát made a detailed confession and explained his actions to his financial difficulties. Police arrested him in criminal custody and made a motion to arrest him, which was ordered by the competent district court. He was prosecuted for a well-founded suspicion of committing an armed robbery.

The Criminal Department of the Hajdúszoboszló Police Station carried out the necessary procedural steps and sent the resulting documents to the prosecutor’s office.

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