The detectives in Debrecen caught the serial burglar who hid the stolen items in a barrel and buried them


The investigation began in August 2021 due to burglaries in Debrecen. The perpetrator mainly stole tools and technical items, but he took everything he could get his hands on. Clothes, cutlery, food, and dishes, but there were places where several liters of brandy were also missing.

The persistent work and efforts of the police brought a breakthrough in July 2022. A resident of Hajdúsámson came into their view, who could be linked to the commission of the crimes. The 38-year-old man was brought to the police station on July 27, where the investigators interrogated him as a suspect and then took him into criminal custody. The prosecutors also managed to find and seize a number of stolen items. Several machine tools, technical articles, and copper pipes were found buried in barrels in a forest.

According to the available data, the man can be connected to several similar crimes, the investigation of which will form a further part of the investigation.

The Criminal Division of the Debrecen Police Department is conducting criminal proceedings against the suspect due to the well-founded suspicion of committing the crime of theft.

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