A man bit a policewoman in Debrecen – here is the verdict


On Thursday, the Debrecen District Court sentenced the man who bit a policewoman to three years in prison, the spokesperson of the Debrecen Court informed MTI.

A policewoman was bitten on the calf by a drunk man in Debrecen

According to Dénes Dobó, the court found the 40-year-old man, who admitted and regretted his act, guilty of violence against an official and light bodily harm, and also ordered the subsequent execution of the one-year prison sentence imposed on him in a previous final judgment.

According to the facts, the drunk man, together with his companions, went on a rampage in a housing estate in Debrecen and defied the policemen who had been called in the meantime. In the process, hi bit the policewoman who took action against him in the right calf, explained the spokesperson.



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