The seller in Debrecen bought furniture for himself with a fraudulently charged gift card


The Debrecen Public Prosecutor’s Office brought charges against the man who abused his rights to buy furniture for the crime of fraud committed using the information system and other crimes.

According to the indictment, between March 2016 and August 2019, the man worked in a furniture store in Debrecen, where he also handled customer service duties. Gift cards were also sold in the store, and money was added to the cards separately, either as a gift or as a refund after a complaint.

Between May 26 and August 17, 2019, the perpetrator wrote fictitious contracts a total of seven times, which were not based on a real purchase, and then created the appearance of repayment in the computer system by loading a total of HUF 1,600,000 on various gift cards. The man bought various furniture from the store worth nearly HUF 1,070,000 from the filled-up frames, however, the purchases were made under a different name, but he had all the furniture delivered to his own home.

During the investigation, the Debrecen Police Department revealed that the man caused a total of HUF 1,067,075 damage to the victim by using the loaded gift cards, which were not recovered.

The Debrecen District Prosecutor’s Office brought charges against the accused at the Debrecen District Court for the crime of fraud committed in a businesslike and continuous manner, causing greater damage, and for the continuous use of a false private document. In its indictment, the district prosecutor’s office proposed imposing a suspended prison sentence.

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