Three men attacked and robbed a cyclist in Debrecen


A robbery was reported to the police on the evening of October 2, 2022. While cycling, the victim was stopped by three men on highway 48 between Debrecen and Vámospércs, and then demanded money and valuables. The cyclist objected, so one of the perpetrators hit him, and then they took HUF 10,000 from him.

The police immediately started looking for the three men, and then caught them in the act not far from the scene, as they were attacking another cyclist. As it turned out, the second victim was threatened with a knife to his throat if he did not hand over the money he had.

The officers brought all three members of the trio to the police station, where after questioning them as suspects, the detectives took them into criminal custody and submitted a motion for their arrest.

The Criminal Division of the Debrecen Police Department launched an investigation against them due to the well-founded suspicion of having committed the crime of two-degree gang robbery, the police said in a statement.

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