The Investigative Prosecution Office of Debrecen appealed in the case of the prosecutor abusing the office


The Hungarian Prosecutor’s Office judged the actions of the former prosecutor more severely than the court, writes

As a prosecutor, behind the backs of his colleagues, he helped a reported acquaintance of the accused in criminal cases related to him at the police by obtaining data. This person even bragged about his “influential prosecution acquaintance” on a social media site.

In the first instance, the court found both of them guilty of the crime of abuse of office and as instigators, and therefore sentenced the ex-prosecutor to a fine of HUF 750,000.

The prosecutor’s office appealed for a suspended prison sentence and a ban on employment.

The defense attorney submitted to the criminal court the former prosecutor’s labor judgment, in which the labor courts at both levels legally determined that the disqualification imposed in the disciplinary proceedings against the “prosecutor who otherwise did a good job but made a mistake once” was not proportional, and the former prosecutor ordered the Prosecutor’s Office of Hungary to pay a total of HUF 33,209,785 under various legal titles.

The position of the Prosecutor’s Office of Hungary is unwavering in that such a crime is incompatible with the prosecutor’s profession.

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