A drunk man hit a cyclist and then threatened the investigators with a knife


The Debrecen Regional Investigative Prosecutor’s Office brought charges against a man in his thirties at the District Court in Kisvárda for committing four crimes.

According to the indictment, the man with a criminal record was banned from driving for 4 years, yet on the evening of February 7, 2023, he drove his car heavily drunk in a town in Szabolcs. Due to his drunkenness, the man moved to the left side of the road without any reason and hit a bicyclist who was coming from his side, who fell on the road and suffered minor injuries. The man noticed the accident but did not stop at the scene and fled without assistance.

The perpetrator then took a 32-centimeter-long knife, then went back to the scene on foot, and made continuous stabbing and cutting movements with the knife, thus threatening the police officers who were taking action.

On the day of the crime, the investigating prosecutor’s office ordered the man’s detention, interrogated him as a suspect, and successfully requested his arrest.

In the prosecution’s indictment, the court proposed that the man, who is currently under arrest, be sentenced to a prison sentence to be served and banned from public affairs, and that he be permanently banned from driving.


Picture: illustration.

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