The prosecution brought charges against the policeman who attacked a man and his wife in Debrecen


The Debrecen Regional Investigative Prosecutor’s Office submitted an indictment to the Debrecen District Court in a case initiated due to the crime of gang violence between a policeman and his family members and neighbors, the Central Investigative Prosecutor’s Office told.

According to the statement, an off-duty police officer was visiting his sister in a settlement in Hajdú-Bihar county, where he got into an argument with a man who lives in a neighboring property.

During the argument, the policeman spat on the neighbor’s face, then grabbed his neck and pushed him to the ground.

The victim lying on the ground was then abused not only by the policeman but also by the policeman’s wife and sister. The policeman kept squeezing the man’s neck, and his sister pulled the neighbor’s hand, who managed to get out of her grip by getting out of his sweater. During this time, the policeman’s wife kicked the man several times, they added.

An altercation also developed between the policeman’s sister and the victim’s wife, during which the policeman’s sister pushed the victim’s wife, hit her on the head and kicked her.

The fight ended when the neighbors and acquaintances were able to separate the perpetrators.

The public prosecutor’s office brought charges against the four perpetrators for the crime of group rioting and light bodily harm, the announcement states.



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