A prisoner was abused by the guards in a penitentiary


In an official procedure, the Debrecen Regional Investigative Prosecutor’s Office proposed the arrest of four correctional officers who hit an inmate for the crime of group abuse and life-threatening bodily harm.

According to the available data, on the morning of September 25, 2023, a middle-aged inmate serving a prison sentence in an Eastern Hungarian penitentiary for committing a violent crime against property repeatedly violated the institution’s rules despite warnings. All this was noticed by the supervision, and two penitentiary workers used physical coercion and handcuffs on the prisoner.

According to the well-founded suspicion, after that the supervisors – who were later joined by two of their colleagues – went beyond the scope of the legal measure and hit the man several times.

The victim was transported by the ambulance service to the hospital unconscious and in a life-threatening condition.

After learning about the crime, the investigating prosecutor’s office immediately began to carry out procedural actions, interrogated the victim as a witness, among other things, and ordered the detention of the perpetrators.

The penitentiary workers who were interrogated as suspects denied committing the crime, which – given the criminal record – is punishable by up to 12 years in prison.

The investigative prosecutor’s office proposed the arrest of all the suspects, the investigative judge of the Military Council of the Debrecen Court will decide on the coercive measure today.

(Denbrecen Court)

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