A 35-year-old man robbed an acquaintance and then ransacked his house


The two men worked at the same workplace in Tiszacse. The 55-year-old invited his 35-year-old colleague to his home on the afternoon of October 27, 2023. They talked and drank in the property’s garden, and then the host fell asleep. His younger acquaintance hesitated a bit, then searched his clothes, took the valuables he had and the key to the property.

Using the keys, he got into the family house and took everything he could find. Perfumes, cleaning products, clothes and some food too.

The neighbors noticed the unknown man, who was trying to attach several well-packed bags to his bicycle. The police were notified and the stranger was questioned. The police arrived at the scene within minutes and arrested him.

During his interrogation, he made a detailed confession and must answer for robbery and theft.


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