A teacher from Hajdú-Bihar county had sex with an underage student, his case continues at the Debrecen Court


The District Court of Püspökladany sentenced the teacher who had an affair with an underage student of his school to a suspended prison sentence of ten months, suspended for two years, the spokesperson of the Debrecen Court announced.

According to Dénes Dobó, the court found the man guilty of sexual abuse committed by abusing a relationship of power or influence with a person under the age of 18. The man was permanently banned by the court from practicing any occupation or other activity in which the education, supervision, care and medical treatment of a person under the age of 18 is carried out.

The defendant taught at an elementary school in Hajdú-Bihar County, where he contacted the victim through an Internet messaging service at the beginning of January 2022. As a result of the messages exchanged between them, their relationship became confidential and became more and more intimate.

The accused and the victim met several times from February 2022 to the end of March 2022, during which a physical relationship also developed.

“The accused, as a teacher at the victim’s school, abused his position of power and committed a sexual act with the minor victim”

– the court stated.

In the case, the court heard witnesses, including the victim in a closed hearing, and heard the expert appointed in the proceedings. As a result of the evidence procedure, the court established the guilt of the accused, who, however, denied having committed a crime.

The court did not reveal an aggravating circumstance during the criminal proceedings, but at the same time, it assessed as a mitigating circumstance that the accused has no criminal record and must take care of the maintenance of two minor children. The prosecutor’s office took note of the decision, and the defendant and his lawyer filed an appeal.

The case continues at the Debrecen Court.

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