A martial artist tricked a girl under the age of twelve into taking nude pictures


Charges were brought against a man living in a village near Baja, who in January of last year tricked an underage girl with pornographic recordings, reports Sportal.

In response to the newspaper’s question, the Bács-Kiskun County Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that last January, the martial artist met two underage girls under a pseudonym on an internet social media site, whom he knew were girlfriends and who had not yet reached the age of 12.

The man asked one of them for naked photos on two occasions, to which the little girl complied and sent the photos to the man via the application.

Later, the man also tried to get the other girl to send nude photos of herself. He has already threatened her with the fact that if she doesn’t do it, she will publish the pictures of her girlfriend. Nevertheless, the little girl refused the request and told her parents, who informed the police.

According to the newspaper, the police went to the home of the man skilled in martial arts “for the sake of security” with about a dozen commandos, but in the end they were able to arrest him without any problems. The man admitted what he had done.

The Baja District Prosecutor’s Office submitted an indictment to the Baja District Court for the crime of child pornography committed against a person under the age of 12. The prosecution recommended that the man be sentenced to prison.


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