The court sentenced the man who almost beat his partner to death to twelve years in prison


The Debrecen Court of Appeal found the man, who repeatedly hit his partner on the head with an ax handle, guilty of the crime of attempted murder committed with particular cruelty, to the detriment of a defenseless person.

According to the Debrecen Tribunal, the accused and the victim had been living together for several years in the man’s house in Vámospércs.

As a result of a previous trauma, the woman had difficulty moving, and her condition continued to worsen.

In the period before the crime was committed, disputes and quarrels between the man and the woman became more and more frequent, and it also happened that the man hit his partner.

On January 22, 2023, the man became angry with the woman and hit her on the head with an ax handle, causing her to fall. The extremely angry defendant continued to beat the woman, hitting her on the head several times with his fist and the butt of the axe. After the man had calmed down a bit, he changed the victim’s clothes, put her to bed, and cleaned the apartment to remove the traces of the crime, but did not call for medical help, they wrote.

The judge stated during the justification of the verdict that the defendant had abused the victim before.

If the victim’s daughter had not arrived at the scene, according to expert opinion, the woman would have died within hours. As a result of the abuse, he still suffered permanent damage to his health, they added.

When establishing the qualifying circumstances of the attempted murder, the judge emphasized that the victim suffered at least 36 such “impacts of force”.

The defendant with a criminal record was sentenced to 12 years in prison. The court excluded the defendant from the possibility of parole.

The verdict is not legally binding, the prosecutor’s office reserved three days of reflection time to announce the legal remedy statement, while the accused and his lawyer announced an appeal for mitigation.

The case continues at the Debrecen Court of Appeals, the announcement states.


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