A friendly visit turns into a fight and a stabbing: A hot-tempered man from Debrecen may go to prison


The Hajdú-Bihar County Prosecutor’s Office brought charges against the drunken and hot-tempered defendant and his brother at the Debrecen District Court for attempting to commit the crime of life-threatening bodily harm.

According to the indictment, the victim is the older man’s childhood friend, whom he met on the street at noon on July 21, 2023, and then they consumed a large amount of alcohol at the defendant’s house until evening. In the evening, a heated argument developed between them, the man attacked the victim, hitting him with his palms and fists on several occasions. The victim fell on the bed, the attacker sat on his chest and hit him again, then strangled him.

At that time, the younger defendant arrived, and at his brother’s request – reluctantly at first – but then handed over the knife with a blade length of 19 cm, with which the man stabbed the victim in the chest and hip area. Then the knife fell, which the younger offender picked up at his brother’s repeated urging and waved it in the direction of the abused man, but did not cause any injuries. After that, the victim managed to escape from the house and went to a relative living nearby, where they called an ambulance and informed the police.

At the request of the older defendant, his brother collected the large knives in the house and hid them in the yard.

As a result of the abuse – taking into account the persistent nature and manner of the abuse, the tool used and the damaged parts of the body – there was a chance of life-threatening injuries.

In the indictment, the General Prosecutor’s Office proposed that the older man under arrest be sentenced to prison and banned from practicing public affairs by the court, while his partner be sentenced to a suspended prison sentence and the knife confiscated.


Picture: illusration.

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