Gate closing panic: it is present in more and more women – interview with coach Mónika Fischer

During their lives, women have many expectations, they have to meet in so many areas, meanwhile, they must not lose themselves, but it is still good if they can constantly renew themselves. That is why more and more women are experiencing the panic of closing the gate. What and how can be done about it? […]

Bed bugs

Bed bugs – what can we do to prevent them from appearing in our home and how can we get rid of them?

Bed bugs can hide not only in beds, but also in the crevices of our various furniture, in the crevices of doors and windows, behind picture frames, and even in our clothes. They attack people unexpectedly, usually at night, causing itching and a lot of discomfort. How can they be noticed, how can they be […]

mental health specialist Klaudia Horváth

“More and more people recognize when they are not well” – interview with mental health specialist Klaudia Horváth

According to the specialist from Szeged, more and more women and men alike recognize when they are not well. Interruptions in relationships and work are the most common cases that Klaudia Horváth encounters as a mental health specialist in Szeged. But what exactly do we mean when someone is mentally faltering, what are the signs […]