Winners in qualifier of the U18 3×3 World Championship in Debrecen


The women’s team of the United States and the men’s team of France reached the top on the placement day of the U18 3×3 World Championship in Debrecen, the Debrecen Sports Center announced.

Early Sunday evening, the U18s once again took possession of the playing field in front of the Reformed Great Church.

In the women’s final, Germany was initially able to keep pace with the tournament’s towering contender, the defending champions, the United States, thanks to its accurate long throws, but the Americans put on a real show of strength in the second half of the match and finally pocketed the gold medal with flying colors.

The men’s final brought the best match of the world championship; however, the fast-paced basketball treat ended prematurely after France reached twenty-one points against Serbia in the eighth minute with Rudy Ekwakwe’s double.

Just as last year, Mikaylah Williams became the most valuable women’s player of the vébé this year, the same recognition went to Rudy Ekwakwe, the author of the above-mentioned winning goal.

FIBA U18 3×3 World Championship 2022, the results of the placement match day:

United States – Spain 21-13
Germany-France 18-16
Spain-France 16-14
United States – Germany 21-11

Serbia-Lithuania 21-19
France – Ukraine 18-11
Lithuania – Ukraine 18-17
France-Serbia 21-17

The podium finishers of the tournament:
1.: United States
2.: Germany
3.: Spain

1.: France
2.: Serbia
3.: Lithuania

Women’s all-star team of the tournament: Mikaylah Williams (United States), Nina Falk (Germany), Alicia Torres (Spain)

Men’s all-star team of the tournament: Rudy Ekwakwe (France), Milan Suput (Serbia), Rokas Jocys (Lithuania)
Most Valuable Female Player of the Tournament (MVP): Mikaylah Williams (United States)
Tournament Most Valuable Male Player (MVP): Rudy Ekwakwe (France)

Photo: Debrecen Sports Center

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