Weightlifting successes in Debrecen: both the boys and the girls won the junior national championship


The national teen weightlifting championship was held in Téglás and Szombathely on May 13, in which five competitors from FISZEJ SE Debrecen also competed, writes debreceninap.hu.

The people of Debrecen could and did prove themselves at Téglás.

The winner of the boy’s age group: Kende Parádi (top picture), first place in the 45 kg weight group + absolute championship title. (He turned out to be the best out of 18 competitors).

The winner of the girl’s age group: Hanna Mózes, first place in the 55 kg weight group + the absolute first place also went to her.

Hanna Mózes, Enikő Gercsák and their coach, Zoltán Kecskés

In the adolescent girls’ age group, the winner of the 45 kg weight group was Enikő Gercsák + absolute championship title.

János Márk Kovács, Kevin Azemi are teenage competitors and their coach, Zoltán Kecskés

Kevin Azemi took first place in the 73 kg weight group of the adolescent age group, and János Márk Kovács took third place in the +96 kg weight group of the adolescent age group. achieved ranking – Melinda Kecskés, president of FISZEJ SE Debrecen, informed our portal.

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