Jack Holder won the Debrecen dirt bike qualifying race


Australia won on Monday in the dirt bike Grand Prix qualifying competition organized in Debrecen, the four best of which made it to the August final of the series.

The most prestigious dirt bike race of the year will take place on Whit Monday in Debrecen

The crowd favorite Andzejs Lebedevs came in second behind the Australian competitor, the Danish Michael Jepsen Jensen came in third, and the Swedish Jacob Thorsell came in fourth.

16 competitors from 12 countries came to the Perényi Pál Salakmotor Stadium for the competition in Debrecen. Hungary was represented by Speedwolf’s two drivers, Roland Kovács and Norbert Magosi, as well as Márk Bárány, who started in place of David Bellego, who was absent due to injury.

Already the second race brought some excitement when the German Kai Huckenbeck led confidently, but in the last lap he slipped to fourth place due to an engine failure.

In the seventh race, the two contenders with a chance to advance met, Lebedevs and Holder, who were already fighting hard for the first place in the stage, which was won by the Latvian competitor. In the 13th race, the Finn Timi Salonen withdrew from the race citing technical reasons, and was replaced by the reserve Richard Füzesi, who did not score any points in the race.

Due to the tie in points during the competition, the final order of the runners-up was decided in a separate race, where Holder and Lebedevs met again, and Jepsen Jensen also started, all three of them scoring 13 points. The Dane Jepsen Jensen finished in third place in the breakaway, this time the Australian Holder won the battle between the Australians and the Latvians and thus the whole race.

Among the Hungarians, Magosi finished with the most points, and delighted the audience in Debrecen with several bravura starts and overtaking attempts. Roland Kovács collected 2 points, while Márk Bárány ended without a point.

The one in Debrecen was one of the four GP qualifiers, from which the best 16 dirt bike riders will enter the Grand Prix Challenge in Sweden on August 19, the winners of which will secure their place in next year’s individual world championship series.



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